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Monday, 6 October 2014

Public Safety Announcment from AJHQ 2.0

Hey Jammers! Cerise here. As most of you know, a few weeks ago, AJHQ posted a public safety announcement (PSA) to the Daily Explorer. If you want to, you can read it right here. I know not everybody reads the Daily Explorer, so I thought I'd post this other one because this time it's related to scamming. Enjoy!

Here’s an important SAFETY announcement from AJHQ!

We are very happy that so many Jammers are practicing RESPECT online. Jammers are pulling together and encouraging kindness while playing Animal Jam! Way to go!!!

Jamaa is the perfect place for Jammers from all over the world to have fun and explore, but at times people can try to scam and cheat the AJ Rules!

Sometimes you may receive trade requests that seem way too good to be true. If you’re offered expensive items for something that is common, it may mean someone is cheating the AJ Rules! And that’s no fun!!!

Let’s keep Jamaa fun and respectful by encouraging each other to practiceRESPECT online!!!

How do you practice RESPECT online?



  1. Hey Cerise!
    I stopped by the joining page and the notice isn't up. Will joining be open again or is my computer just glitching?

    1. It is open. I just took the notice down earlier today.

  2. HI guys,
    Its giraffe here sorry I haven't been on for a long time because of family troubles. Beta can't go on because her computer does not work at the moment so hopefully she can get on soon. thanks,
    Giraffe and Beta