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Friday, 24 October 2014

passionflow (member)

Hewwo, Shiver here with a scammer I believe Cerise found. Anyhow, passionflow was hosting a giveaway, but after about 7 minutes, we gave up since he wasn't moving. Fem stayed behind while the others searched for beta testers when Fem called me over. passionflow was trying to get people to trust him to get his founder. I know what your thinking; obvious scam!

Then he started asking ME to get someone else to do it to him. I told him I was a person of justice, and said no. He started arguing he was going to hack everyone, and so then I bet him to get LilacPetal over here. He then agreed.

After awhile he argued, "I banned her, so I'll get WootMoo next!" I checked Lilac's username on the homepage, and LilacPetal was NOT banned. After about a couple seconds, I went ranting on about what a coward he was, and then he locked the den. I hope we can all stay away from this idiotic scammer and "hacker"!
-Agent Shiver


  1. Such a lie, I know these people and they are not scammers. They are my buddies..Just for your website don't lie

    1. I'd like to begin with, I am SouthMoon and Fyrestone. I've been long gone, and I'd like to inform you as of why you are wrong mostly. So to begin with, wherever you saw me, yes I associate with scammers and hackers; they're good people, just greedy. NeonBow is mostly innocent as he gave up scamming once he left PinkGazz, Wootmoo is innocent, he does not scam. 44bunny is an impersonator I tried to deal with but couldn't manage. Alex is questionable always wanting to flash trade but again, a good person. DoubleVision scammed, though normally not successfully. I hadn't scammed regardless of my accusations. Who are these supposed scammers you say I associated with? Unless they are people like Hyper, 7 and Insomniak; you're wrong. And yes, Insomniak was banned because of a dispute with me and a tan mask, and PayPal violations. He and I were close friends, and separated after some problems. Insomniak was a big scammer of even real life money and was banned from animal jam servers because of the numerous complaints. 9 is not 7, as far as my knowledge goes. Lilac petal in this time never was banned in the first place, she had retired from scamming as far as I know. Whoever else you're thinking of and claim to have insight on its not accurate and your views are biased. Sincerely - Fyrestone/SouthMoon, a hackers associate