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Friday, 10 October 2014

Okay guys

We had a bit of drama with "Tacobrat101" but I still say he can help us.

He claims this person is Neonbow's alt:
(apologies for poor quality, uploading screenshots won't work so this is from a Blogger app on my phone; the user is johnis6.) Trade list:


  1. Here's my email:! You guys are great! :)


  2. Replies
    1. Hacker I guess. They have a TON of stuff like betas, rares, unreleased items galore, and a lot more. Found them hanging out with some other suspicious people once.
      -Mod Gulo

  3. I was estranged's den when.... (Creature is Estranged) Here's the chat log.
    Eternal Happypuppet: :)
    Master Cleverwolf: :surprise:
    Blossom Quietghost: Jeremy!
    Eternal Happypuppet: BRB
    Creature Chunkybug: yes?
    Master Cleverwolf: haha
    Blossom Quietghost: go on saii
    Creature Chunkybug: sorry
    Creature Chunkybug: in a
    Creature Chunkybug: call
    Creature Chunkybug: with
    Creature Chunkybug: taxe and snow
    Blossom Quietghost: ik

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. estranged has quite a few valuable things in their den.

  4. i would like to warn the society:

    i found a monkey with a red old hood an black eyes names 'SCANBOSS'. they were not scamming, but they looked new and i think they could be a back up.
    ive added them just in case

    (shadow- feels great about finding a possible scammer?)