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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Late Night Jumbo Tracking

Alright guys, Shiver here with some (yawn) late night jumbo550 tracking. I dont know all the details exactly because I came it at a late part, so hopefully someone can edit this post. Anyways, when I came online, jumbo550 was in Cerise's den saying that his AJ sister (Fangangel) kept getting on his account and scamming on it. They kept mentioning promqueen128 who I know is a huge scammer. Anyways, two buddies of jumbo550's who seemed quite beta and rude came in. They might be backups or just plain scammers.
Thats them. Anyways, I believe Electro was trying to gain promqueen's trust for some reason, so she pretended to scam me and then became part of the "scam team" which promqueen is organizing. 

These are the conversations I had with Electro, and boy, promqueen sure is mean!
Anyways, since I'm not very involved with this, I request Cerise can edit this up. Have fun!
-Agent Shiver

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  1. Im spying on jumbo, fang, prom queen, and pinky and cerise's orders. its good because fang things melon is her "scamming buddy"