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Friday, 3 October 2014

Its Electro..
We have been having off topic posts, mean comments, and.. just.. bad stuff going on. 
Im telling you right now, IT NEEDS IT STOP. You all realize how many agents we are losing? How many friends we are hurting? This post may help NONE. but when i see mean comments i'm going to delete them with no response. I recommend you do the same. I understand when somebody is rude and you stand up to them. Your really just giving them power, really. All we have right now is, stress, drama, and sadness. It makes me.. idk. disappointed. The problem is im always worried i really shouldn't be this stressed for i stress way to much. But still i play a part in this. I just recommend sticking to our job, catching scams.


  1. YA We should be treating treating everyone with equality like on AJ or anywhere. This place isn't suppose to have drama your suppose to learn about scammers track them down and other things! We need to stop this drama now

  2. We should! We are hurting people and our agents are dropping like flys! We don't really focus on how they feel! (Notice ppl say YES!, but no one does any thing?)

  3. I saw tookaway earlier today