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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Insomniak (member)

Hey guys! Agent Shiver here with a pictures from a possible hacker's den named Insomniak. You guys probably know what Insomnia is, it's a disorder where you can't sleep, so I thought the username of this guy was a bit scary, AND NO IM NOT OFFENDING ANYONE WITH INSOMNIA!

Here's a screenshot of my AJ screen. As you can see, this guy has a ton of betas, a scary player card, and a ton of glitched rings.

Wow! Anyways, I only posted this so that you guys could stay away from him, and might even research more about this. Have fun, stay safe!
-Agent Shiver


  1. Weird name, weird animal, weird den. At least I could finally see what River Race was like.

  2. hey guys its me here insomniak and you best watch out making posts like these. it took a while for me to find this rumored post, but as you can see i found it... WATCH OUT

    1. Please stop threatening us. Any other comments made in this manner will not be published.

      Also, good job on finding this, although I suppose that searching it up wasn't that hard.


    2. Oh man, we're just shaking in our boots! What should we be watching out for? Are you going to scam us or something? Hack us? Or are you going to call us names because you know you're entirely powerless against us? I think the last option is most likely.