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Friday, 10 October 2014

kitten3029 (member)

Hey jammers! Violet here! I was in jamaa trying to see if anyone had a large blue monkey from the summer carnival that I could trade them and then I saw this jammer...
Her user is kitten3029 and she was doing the trust trade. 

She wasn't wearing a headdress as you can see but in her profile picture she had one so this is obviously a scam.

Her trade list only had one glove on trade which means she was scamming. 
And look what she said after?

Remember to watch out and stay safe jammers!
See ya in jamaa

Status: No One Harmed

1 comment:

  1. >:o i recognize her! that username is VERY familiar... i saw her in the township and she was actually yelling a a trust scam to stop.

    IMPORTANT INFO FROM A FORMER (and not proud) SCAMMER: scammers like to obviously scam, but sometimes it annoys them to see OTHER scams getting good items and will therefore warn everyone. its a conflicted feeling. like: omg yay time to scam and get stuff. and at the same time: OMG that person is scamming and taking good items they must stop.

    (shadow-- would like to help the society view things through a scammers eyes, in order to catch more, but is not exactly ready to rejoin or think she would be welcomed anyway XD)