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Monday, 1 September 2014

Watchoutcerise's threat

Hello fellow scam watchers, I apologize if I'm posting too much, but I want to keep the agents informed. First off, your probably reading this because of the title, yes Watchoutcerise did certainly make a threat. Her words were, "tonight, I'm taking the SWS blog down, off the Internet." You probably are laughing and thinking she could never do this, but the thought came to me... If Watchoutcerise was a former agent, she might be able to edit the blog, and could delete EVERYTHING! Cerise, if any of the former agents still are able to do so, I ask for the sake of our future, that you, and everyone, can help to take this feature away from the vulgar scammers out there. I will not be on animal jam tonight until later, so I'm so sorry if I'm not involved in this.
Thank you.
-Agent Shiver


  1. YO, im no agent, But i can use hax or sumthin....smrt tinkin.

    1. Go buzz off please. :) (We don't need any more compliments on how well we're catching scammers)

    2. That's a good one! But it don't scare me. Nice *pathetic* try, Fang.

    3. Well, better write down more conspiracies! Also, ya cant hax, O one with grammar that burns my eyes.

    4. Agreed, Fire.

      It almost killed me.
      (Especially on that blog.)

    5. LOL, BT DUBZ IM A HUGE FAN!!! SEEN UR BLOG, UR AWESOME! don't listen to these little losers.... their just desperate. I recently got kicked.... I'll send you a jam a gram that says "COME PARTY WITH ME" and a party hat on it. like the stupid one on cerise's head.

    6. oh btw, watchoutcerise is a real jammer now. someone made her again... and i know exactly who, they told me themself. oh and, zeekitty, just thought i should mention that i found all three of you backups :D also, it was ZEE who wasted money on a new membership... not alpha. i have been watching this site closely. i added fang and will tell her all of them next time i see her. oh yeah and, before i got kicked recently i been in the society for a long time. im going to give fang and any scammer i come across the details, secrets, EVERYTHING. fang, if ur reading this, i have MUCH to tell you about this group of losers.

  2. Star. I now hate your soul. YOU ARE WATCHOUTCERISE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????