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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Regarding the Chat Room

Hey Jammers! Cerise here! This is just a message to everyone who uses the chat room on our site. 

First of all, a new chat room has been added. It will be used to hold meetings in which we talk about subjects that cannot be talked about on Animal Jam. This page will NOT be open to the public, and only those with a link can access it. Remember, this chat room ISN'T for sitting around and chatting with your friends. If you want to chat, use the main chat room, it's there for a reason.

Second of all, the rules are being enforced more. Many people have been swearing on the chat box. Well let me tell you something. THE RULES SAY NO SWEARING OR VULGAR LANGUAGE. I don't care if you are an agent or not, if you swear on the chat box or disrespect any of it's rules, you will be punished equally.

Finally, the rankings. Non-agents will be kept at the rank "guest". Agents will be kept at the rank "meber". Seniors/Council members will be kept at the rank "moderator" and I will be kept at the rank "owner". Seems simple enough, right?

That's all for now Jammers! Stay safe and happy Jamming!


  1. People are swearing? :( not cool people.

  2. Aww but my chat box doesn't load :C

  3. Thank you SO MUCH Cerese. I don't normally come on the chatbox because of swearing.

    *cough cough makemeamod cough cough*


    Possible scammers and pictures.