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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

iLegendary (member)

Hey guys! Agent Shiver here with a suspicious dude named iLegendary… I first saw him when I went with my buddy to Zios in Aldan, his trade list (vines, used to be in stores) doesn't look suspicious, but I saw this…

That doesn't mean they're beta if they aren't in store. I decided it wasn't a big deal until he started advertising something else, in his den...

The vines are certainly glitched, and they seem a bit more pixely than usual. I then came up with the theory that he's using one of those creepy add-ons, similar to the beta "skullys" glitch. For those of you who don't know what "skullys" are, listen up. They were once a beta item that were completely taken out of the game because they looked inappropriate on pandas, so you can't get them, and nobody has them… Also, skullys is actually spelt skullies, so this is certainly an add-on that may be the same as these vines…
Minty's Note: I made a gif of the weird vines.

 The way this is a scam is three reasons.
1: Add-ons hack Animal Jam, and aren't allowed (not sure if its an add-on)
2: You could trade 4 spikes, and get absolutely nothing in return (again not sure)
3: They aren't beta, so this is a major, major overtrade...
Welp, I hope we can all watch out for this creepy game adder dude (again not sure if add-on). Have fun!
-Agent Shiver

Status: Unknown

Note from Noggy, it's not. You can do that glitch by piling a ton of items in the same spot.


  1. It was all pixely because he was doing the black hole glitch with it

  2. Hey Shiver.. About the scammer of the day (cant comment on other one cause picture is blocking it) I want to help but it has me so i can only post.

    1. Idk either! I have a Mac so everything is 30% more complicated :p

    2. Aww, poor chu... I has samsung so its pertty easy :P

  3. Weird...

    Hey. That guy looks like Zee.
    Or is it just me?

  4. Its not just you, I dont guess at all that thats zee.