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Monday, 1 September 2014

Fangangel Tracking #8

Hey Jammers! Cerise here! Agent Moustache, Star, Shiver and I went out to track Watchoutcerise and Fangangel today. This is what we got:

This is Watchoutcerise talking to us.

Later, I tracked Fang on one of my backups and found herat XxSteamPunkxX's den. Apparently she was hosting a gifting party. And Fang had some "fans" too.

She was *willingly* giving things to Watchoutcerise and the others at the party, for no apparent reason.

The den owner later locked us out, after I explained what was going on. Then we found Fang at her den, her little friends at her side to save her. Aaaaaand she gave them worns.

We accused her of scamming, and here was Watchoutcerise's reaction.

Even though she really DIDN'T have any. Then I asked her why she said "HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE SITE?"

All of us refused her offers from the worns, except for Agent Tiger. She accepted, and later gave it to the SWSRS.

That's all for now, Jammers! Stay safe and happy Jamming!


  1. Fangangel and Watchoutcerise are furious. I hate them and i think they are the same.

  2. Watchoutcerise just accused me of scamming and wants me to join her and i was like "HECK NO" and then she said that she was gonna spam me. ):U Not cool.. Not cool..
    - Agent Brave

  3. Huh. Bribery, eh? Is that how you want to play it?