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Friday, 5 September 2014


August 24, 2014:
Okay, so I followed Fang today, to this dude's den:

Here is what they said:

 Then Fang said there was someone at her den. They both went, and I followed. It was Fang's backup, Jumbo550. Here is what they said:

 I'm guessing Fang is trying to scam him, once I leave, or he's trying to scam Fang. I'm a bit confused.
(They continued to trust, but yeah..)

September 5th, 2014

I went to Jumbo550 (Fangangel)'s den, and on her screen she said the Egyptian Puzzle Box was in her den. She also led me to the Diamond Shop, then went to Kimbara:
Major is Sarapinky123, who is also Jumbo550, who is Fangangel. Also, one thing I noticed, she always goes on Sarapinky and Jumbo, usually not Fangangel. Also, she usually goes on Sarapinky and Jumbo at the same time.

Also, she doesn't directly scam anymore (at least, not in front of me!), just occasional trusting and flashing (still bad), but mostly trading. She seems to love spikes.


  1. Hello Cottonstaroficeclan. Remember me? You caught me scamming. Though I think the real scammer is you. Flameofarks is you. After you went offline, flameofarks went on. And supposedly you were "helping" me to scam. Though I deleted you and you went to a locked den. Few minutes after you jam a gram me saying you don't wanna be friends with a scale (scam) and deleted me. That proves flameofarks is you. And, flame supposedly scammed someone's pink wrist, and if your flame, that means you scammed your own friend. Who's the scammer now?
    -New Jammer

    1. Cotton has already been removed from our group, but we don't appreciate any types of scammers here, unless they've stopped scamming. Thank you for the information, though.