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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Electro and Neon at it again?

Hello fellow scam watchers! Shiver here with some uncertain but believable news… First, I went to where Neon and Electro where in Coral Canyons. They were talking about that trial…

Everyone believed what Electro? Your trials?

I also got this picture of Electro suddenly aware that I was hiding and listening. She stopped talking and said, "Hi Shiver." Pshhhh… I then left and followed Neon to a scammer's den by the name of partyanimal5544.

Neon was betting partyanimal5544's wings for a spike or something… Not only was Neon betting, but she was trusting. Then I got pictures of some interesting dialogue. 

The scammer is calling Electro, who previously walked in, by NAME. Teensy is Neon, who declined to try to trust him afterwards, which was smart to do… Not just that but as soon as I revealed myself, Electro said this…

I didn't even ASK Electro about her spike, heck, I didn't notice it until she said she had one! Why is Electro being so defensive? Also, check out these pictures of mel0nhead and melonh3ad…

Similar huh? I may be being paranoid, but Electro's list just got more beta…

I say we re-consider those trials… Things are getting awfully suspicious around here. It may be just me, and I might get trashed for it, but I think the two are at something again. Who knows for sure?
-Agent Shiver


  1. Agent Neon is also a scammer? I just known.

    P.S. What happened at the trial anyway?

  2. WAT
    -agent Fire

  3. I was. And when i said everyone believed it i meant as in everyone finally know im not lieing. And i told you about the spike cause you were asking me earlier. Let it go shiver! Seriously i cant even talk to my friends without you taking pictures and watching me.