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Monday, 1 September 2014

Discovering 7

Hello fellow Scam Watchers, check out some interesting things I found that relate to 7 in quite some way… First off, I was walking about in 7's den trying to find any scammers when I suddenly heard someone say, "9 and 7 are the same?" The jammer who said that was talking with an arctic wolf who had been scamming earlier, though, clumsy me, I never got their username. The thought rushed to my head that they were talking about usernames, so I searched it up, and their den was unlocked. The username 9 did relate to 7 in some way, because there were 3 scammers hanging out in the den there. The den was also full of some betas, rares, and expensive items. I also remembered that 7 hadn't been on in quite awhile, and may be using this new account 9. Who knows for sure? I guess we could all investigate if we all think its worth doing.

-Agent Shiver

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