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Sunday, 28 September 2014

About Off-Topic Posts

Hullo everyone, Zee here with an announcement regarding off-topic posts. To keep drama to a minimum, ONLY SCAMMERS CAN BE POSTED. The only exception is if Cerise, a Co-Boss, or AJHQ is making a special announcement. Electro is also allowed to post her drawings, because it does not raise any problems.

EDIT;; If you are making signatures/drawings/etc. for the agents or someone else, please post them on the GRAPHICS PAGE. We have it there for a reason.

Also adding labels to all the posts



  1. -Posts something random BECAUSE I'M A REBEL- JK XD

  2. So, i would need to post my stuff on graphics? (drawings)

  3. Why did Cerise post on Zee's account? O,O