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Monday, 4 August 2014

XxLegendaryPotatoXx + Thewolfoflegend (Member)

Agent Shiver here! Anyways, I followed a buddy (Thewolfoflegend) to one of her buddy's den (XxLegendaryPotatoXx).
Apparently her buddy was having a flash trade party at his den. I got suspicious and got into my disguise. As I walked around, checking everyone out, I heard someone say, "The owner of the den will give someone who flash trades best his golden founder hat!" I instantly knew this was not only a scam, but LegendaryPotato was tricking jammers into scamming! I later examined Potato's den. What I found was crazy, betas, betas, everywhere! Then Potato had portals leading to beta nonmember dens! I think all those dens were either hacking buddies or himself. Then something horrible happened, Thewolfoflegend, my good friend began flashing, unbuddied me, then logged off after she scammed someone. Today has been a rough day, watch out for these people!

Status: 1+ Harmed

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