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Friday, 15 August 2014

Tutorial for Spottedleaf2222

Okay, it's Noggy here. I'm posting a tutorial on how to join :3
First, go to the Joining page.
Okay, see that resume? Yeah, the paper. Those are the questions you have to answer in order to join.
I don't think you have to write down the questions as well as the answers of the resume, though I did. And make sure to read the rules! After reading the rules, and knowing you'll have to comment, you might think: "I don't have a Blogger account, how can I post a comment? DDDD:" Well, the solution is easy!
So, here's the comment box thingy. As you can see, I'm logged in with my Google account. Then, click the thing, where, for me, it says "norty (Google)" and it'll pull down a bar of options.
If you don't have any of these besides Anonymous, just use Anonymous and make sure you put your username in the comment, so we know who you are. Even so, you should put your username in so we know who you are. Then, fill out the forum as honestly as honesty goes, and you may just find yourself a new member of the AJSWS!
Hope this helps!
-Agent Lizardnogg