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Friday, 8 August 2014

To That One Person Who Ruins Your Life

To the person who 'joked' about me.

Rember, people aren't toys that you can throw around (even if emotionally) and expect to get straight back up good as new. People take damage, we aren't metal men and women who have no feelings.
Besides, who knows, you might joke about RAPE to someone who has Aspergers, OCD, anxiety, and High-Functioning Autism and they take it all seriously.

It's a good thing there's still good people in this world, like Zee and Cerise. They were there when I was sad, when I was scared. At least THEY won't make you feel scared to sleep at night.

-Agent Lizardnogg


  1. Noggy.... it's okay. -Hugs-

    Whoever's doing this to you is evil. >:C

  2. Poor Noggy D:
    That one person who ruined my life is co-boss of the SWS :u

  3. Noggy, remember you can always talk to your parents, we understand that this is happening and we'll all be there for you! -hugs-

  4. -hugs- i dont why or whats happening but just know whatever it is we all are there for you -hugs-

  5. o0o Wow, words of wisdom mai dear -slow clap-