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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The world is just sick.

This is how cruel the world can be.

Well, after that, I found a couple suspects. Apparently they like to trust, and say it isn't a scam.
That jerk bullied me and called me "warty" (POEEEETICCC. REEEEAL POEEETICC....)

Said I probably scam, when which I said I was | this | close to scanning once, where the judgement started. Even if they aren't scammers, they're still jerks.
Okay, big news: Mel0nhead's scam school is now an invite-only blog. IDK how she'll get new people, or if she just isn't inviting.

That's all for now, folks! Stay on yer toes! -Noggy 


  1. I found a song, here's one of the lines:

    I'm criticized, but all your bullets ricochet.

    Don't let it get to you, Noggy. Let their words bounce off your back.

    1. That song, Titanium by Sia... Remember Noggy that they want to make you feel bad. They are bad people who like to see you feel sad. Just ignore them an they'll realize they can't pick on you.
      -Agent Shiver

  2. so much caos so little time

  3. true dat anon, there will NEVER be enough time for us to humilate the sws before we shut em down

  4. Wow, if you LOVE animals (i know this isn't about the post but how cruel people can be)
    look up PETA. All the animals they "save" come out the back door--In a body bag.