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Saturday, 30 August 2014

heartoffire123 (Member)

So, she said "Founder code my den". LOL. Obvious scam.
Then I won because I was the rarest *Blue long everyone else was unrare*
So she took me to my den, and said its a "Glitch".
Heres what she said:

LOL. She said I was gonna get a FOUNDER and now black long? She's pretty rare, and i can see why. SCAM. Also, I hope she knows I love my blue spike and I'm NOT trading it for black long.
Also, i told her this was gonna be on AJSWS and she did the ol "Guilt trip" (BTW doesnt work on  me)

I laughed through it all. Guilt trips do NOT work on me, so dont even TRY. 

Status: No One Harmed

Stay safe jammers!


  1. Some SCAMMERS:


  2. Hey, Star, where's the post on Zonicdog? You said you posted it, but I don't see it. Post it soon. Agent Beta