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Sunday, 10 August 2014

New Fangangel Backup Discovered! Fangangel Tracking #6

Hello, Jammers! It's me, Zeekitty, and Electro, Cerise, and I found one of Fang's other backups named Mel0nhead. This name may ring a bell to a few, because she once held a giveaway and we went to her den. Anyways, here's what happened.

Electro sent me a letter, so I went to her. She then showed me Mel0nhead and said it may be one of Fang's backups. After I was told that, I was doubting that that was Fang, but I called over Cerise to come see. I came up with the plan that we would use Cerise to see if that was Fang, how we would do that is, Cerise would just walk up to her, if she left, she was Fangangel. The first time we tried, she left. And the second time, and the third time. Shiver also said something about Mel0nhead comforting Sarapinky123 after she was "scammed" which is another piece of evidence. We began tracking her arround Aldan, she went everywhere but Kimbara and Sarepia. We then went to her den, she played dumb for a minute and then said that she knew who we were. After a bit of bickering, she locked us out and got off for the night.

Anyways, now I'm gonna show you the pictures. I'm gonna try to do as little captioning as possible, but it'll be put in when nessesary.

This is her scamming in a similar fashion to Fang's scamming methods.
 Didn't Fang have a wrist like that? On Sarapinky123? You may notice that now, she is not wearing it.

This was the second type of scam she did, a guilttrip scam. As far as we know, no one was harmed by any of her scams.

That's all we got of her. Stay safe Jammers!


  1. That was pretty clever of you guys...

  2. Omg, I seriously mentioned melonhead not too long ago as being Fang's backup, she was the one comforting sarapinky123 after she was "scammed".

    1. Thats exactly what made me suspicous about her

    2. mhm I just had to update this post so I put my suspicions in the post XD

  3. She could also just be a friend of Fang's. Because she:

    1) Has way better grammar than Fang, and Fang isn't smart enough to fake grammar
    2) Is way smarter than Fang in general.