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Friday, 15 August 2014

Mel0nhead's Plan Exposed!

Hey everyone! Zee here! Sorry you haven't heard from me recently, I have a ton of school, and one of the best middle-high schools in the U.S.A isn't gonna wait for me to post regularly on the blog. Now, let's get onto the point. Mel0nhead has a scamming school. It has a blog. Here's the link, check it out after you read this post, please.

The domain name was very easy to guess.

Anyways, here's the story!
                         I was hanging out with a few people when I got a Jam-a-Gram. As usual, I opened it. It was Mel0n, asking me to buddy her. I kinda freaked, but then I pulled myself together, and accepted, knowing that is was one of her silly attempts to scare me into thinking she has more power than she does. So, I went to her den, followed by Electro and a Jammer I will keep anonymous for now. Then, Mel0n played dumb for awhile, as usual. Then, we went into a insult war. Then I told her I knew about her Scamming school, after a few minutes of self-reflection. Then, she said: What are you gonna do about it? Tell your fans? Oh, Right, YOU DON'T HAVE ANY!'' Then I'm like: Mmmm, Lady, do YOU have any fans?  She said yes, which is impossible because her blog was created yesterday. She then guessed the plain Cerise, Electo, and I had forged. Then, I said that I had enough info and would post about all of this, shen she shut up and left.

Well, that's all I have for now, hope that was helpful, and stay safe Jammers!


  1. That's horrible! Someone wanted to join!

  2. Scamming school!? Really?

  3. ha! that SOMEONE who wanted to join was ME. check it out, there are more requests

    ~ watchoutcerise

    i didnt have the aj watchoutcerise at the time, so i entered on a simple backup, which, if u have been keeping track of my comments u will know as 1nightmaremoon1