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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mel0nhead (Non-member)

Hello Jammers. Cerise here. When I logged on this morning, I immediately looked around my buddy list to see who was online. I noticed Agent Electro was on, and as a matter a fact, she was at a scammer's den. From the looks of it, the scammer (Mel0nhead) was doing a spiked wristband giveaway and was telling people to trust to win it.

After about 2 minutes of trusting, the necklace suddenly disappeared off her trade list. She had accepted the trade. And just as I suspected, she immediately locked her den.

Status: 1 Harmed


  1. so Agent Electro scammed someone, and you're letting it slide? wow…

    1. No, Electro was the one who found the scammer. I messed up the grammar :P