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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Fangangel Tracking #7

Hello fellow scam watchers. Shiver here! I found some very interesting news along with Zee, Fire, Electro, and Minty today. First off, as soon as I logged on, I decided to go follow Zee and Electro to sarapinky123's den were she later locked us out. We all soon went to Electro's den where fangangel and mel0nhead were. A follower of fang came to Electro's den and started to ask me what was going on. I then convinced the fang follower to become an SWS follower and to unbuddy fang (I'm so proud of myself XD). After the drama, I got a funny picture of mel0nhead throwing a fit…

And a picture of fang angels unusually beta trade list…

Anyways, mel0nhead and fangangel soon left to the Jam Mart Clothing store where I saw her, mel0nhead, and a new character named lucky52972…

I don't know about you, but I feel like this could be one of fang's backups. How do I know? Right after fangangel's Planet Walls disappeared, they appeared on lucky's trade list. Not just that but she seems to be a very beta non-member who likes fang quite a lot. 

I even got a picture of them together. What could this all mean? Are fang, mel0n, and this new character lucky52972 all working together? About 10 minutes after, I went to sarapinky123's den. It turns out sarapinky123 is more rare than you think. She switched her den  times… Each den had different stuff in it. One den was empty, one looked normal, one had at least 10 cami's frogs, and the other was her "hacked" den… Fang is tricking us about how beta and rare she is, and did you know she has 9 porch swings?! One last thing… Remember that fangangel tracking #3?

 I finally found that arctic wolf jumbo was with! Her username is abbey929. 

Apparently she is good friends with fangangel… I sure did some hard work today, and I hope it pays off for the whole week I'll be gone on vacation! Have fun scam watching!

sarapinky123 and abbey929 together
-Agent Shiver


  1. And I kept screeching "EVIDENCE!" over and over XD

    1. Yes, I love evidence. I should have been there. XD

  2. Good job convincing the follower!

  3. why was everyone in my den...?

    1. No one was. It was a error they were in my den. Not yours.

    2. Whoops! Thanks for pointing it out Electro XD

    3. Its ok! Im like... When were we in Neons den?