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Monday, 4 August 2014

Fangangel Tracking #4

Well, well, well Fang, we found another one of your lousy backups. Anyways, Shiver here! Cerise and I went to someone named freedomninjas' den and found that he was betting for a blue spike collar. The scary thing is, this user has the name Awesome Sunnybrave, and Major majormajor.

Fang began luring the jammers to bet for the spike.

Sarapinky123 appeared in the den, and won the bet. The two left, right after they announced who won (sarapinky123),
Sarapinky123 and freedomninjas are the same person

 Fang locking the den
This leads me and Cerise to believe this is fang's new backup. In fact, we know it is! Be careful, fangangel is a smart scammer!


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    1. You'll need a blogger account. Go onto your blogger dashboard and scroll down. Under the list of blogs you own is "blogger buzz". It should be self-explanatory from there.