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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cheescakefactory (non-member)

(Note: "Cheese" is spelled "chees" in his username)

Hey guys Shiver here! Today I went to Wootmoo's den with Cerise to go and find scammers for a scammer goldmine. I came across Cheescakefactory. He was flashing for rare spike…

Everyone knows flashing is a scam no matter what. I then went to a couple other dens with Cerise. After awhile I went to Aldan where I saw Cheescakefactory in Zios arguing with a jammer.

Apparently, Cheescakefactory scammed someone's blue rare spike. Cheescakefactory then went to Coral Canyons were I followed him. The person who was scammed of her spike threw a fit, and Cheescakefactory threatened to hack her and even said that he scammed her blue spike…

This scammer is a non-member with some rares… They must have a member account out there! Keep watch and remember to stay away from this scammer!

Status: 1 Harmed

-Agent Shiver

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