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Monday, 4 August 2014

Bot and Chip

Hey guys! Shiver here! Anyhow, Zee and I decided that if Agent tried scamming, AND has the passwords to Bot and Chip, we should take the items from Bot and Chip to protect them from Agent if anything does happen. So now, we have all of their good items with us and are waiting to change the passwords or even make a new bot. I posted this so the confusion would simmer down, keep jamming!
-Agent Shiver


  1. Thanks Shiver. I'll start pestering Electro about changing Swrs's :P

  2. i made a new bot account, if you wanna know the user. its Swsinsurance101, and you can ask for the pass if u want it (to protect from agent)

  3. Oh ya, ill get the stuff off of swrs till i can change the pass