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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Scammer Goldmine #8



carriageprincess (Note: 5 Achievements)

twt23544 (Note: There is no spike code)


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  1. Cherry, it's me Beta, and I know you're just going to ignore this comment, but, I'll write everything anyway.

    Last night at Agent Black's den, Shiver, Red, and I were having fun. Shiver was like,"Ugh, I wish you weren't on the team. You didn't deserve it at all." So, Red and I got mad and I started defending Red. Shiver then said,"Geez, I was jut kidding. I was being sarcastic." And yes, Shiver did admit that she said she was being sarcastic. In the end, we all became friends. The next day, (today) we were doing adventures at Outback Imports. When I came back from my first adventure, you were there and Black said that Red said that she wanted Shiver off the team. The thing is, Black didn't know that Shiver and Red made up. So after that, Shiver and Red started arguing again (apparently) and somehow brought you to call for a trial. There was more drama afterword, the drama that you witnessed. After you logged off, I called for a meet back at my den. We told Shiver that none of us wanted her off the team, but she wouldn't listen. We followed her to her den, but unfortunately, she locked us all out (:I).
    So, yeah. I just wanted you to know the whole truth. It's not Red, Shiver, Black, or my fault. It's NOBODY'S fault. We all just got mixed up there. I know Red did wrong, but she knows now. Give her a temporary kick off at most. If it ever happens again, THEN you can permanently kick her off. I don't want anyone to get kicked off, and I'm honestly not on anyone's side. I just need you to know the truth and tell the others. I really hope Shiver and Red can make up again. I would let them make up, but they only listen to you, of course. I just pray this won't ever happen again.
    Thanks for reading, if you did.

    Agent Beta