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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Scammer Goldmine #14

Doing the "gift me to win ____" scam 

 Doing the "send me ____, I send back" scam

Flash trading
Note: He said 'me' in a seperate bubble, however, I didn't get a picture.

Doing the "best trade wins ____" scam


  1. I dont appreciate being on this page because i have not scammed in 3 years, i also dont appreciate being called a scammer :I, 7 also known as aparri has scammed in the past and he is not called a scammer today because he has since stopped aswell as myself.

  2. This was posted a long time ago and i dont sxam anymore this was 3 years ago so i dont want to be on the sight recognized as a "scammer" i have a channel where i do many giveaways feel free to enter!

    1. Think of our sight as a criminal record. You were caught scamming, so the post of your criminal record stays up. I don't care how long it's been since you've been scammed or tried to scam. We have evidence of you trying to scam, that's what matters.
      I also don't recommend advertising for your giveaways while you're trying to clear your criminal record. It doesn't make you look very professional.