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Thursday, 31 July 2014

aprilkitty012 (Member)

Hai guys agent star here! i found another scammer, aprilkitty012
                                          she was in aldan saying the following (below)
Obviously, there IS no glitch claw. because look what she had on list!
Yup. a regular HORSE CLAW ;I that you can buy :L

i said wheres horse coin she said

just wow. She has a founders hat, she would know that thats a BIG undertrade.
Then we went in her den and this is what we saw:
that comes to show that she is a big scam, because she has a very unrare den. Well, the open sign is good and all but its very unrare, see?

STATUS: HARMED (1) (someone actually traded her)


  1. This isn't necessarily a scam, so I'm deleting it..

  2. I wish my blog was like this sighs

    1. If you give me the link, I could give it a feature ^^

    2. It's not hacking or scamming :( But it's