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Monday, 21 July 2014

Polarclan and socool10 (members)

Today I went to Julian2's den to check out if there were any scammers. First off, I noticed two jammers screaming and yelling at each other. Their users, socool10 and Polarclan...

socool10 claimed Polarclan stole her blue rare spike, which Polarclan is wearing. I immediately took some pictures and realized Polarclan may not have scammed…

socool10 yelling

I realized the two were suspects, and we may never know who scammed or who didn't (seriously i was there for 20 minutes and they didn't break).

socool10 threatening Polarclan that she would hack him

Polarclan claiming its his

Looks like socool10 went on a rage! Hopefully nothing was scammed and the problem is much less worse than it could be… Stay away from these two, no matter who did it, and jam on!
-Agent Shiver


  1. Last I checked, Julian's den was full, so I didn't find much of any scammer. Plus, it was in French when I last went there.


  2. lol must be a glitch, I got in there on the english server easy!