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Monday, 14 July 2014

Fangangel Tracking #1

(Hey Jammers! My first post on here. XD)
You all know of Fangangel. Well, she was at a flashing party in Northernking2013's den (Note, she is the black and white wolf):

She was talking about trusting someone an item or something. Someone asked her if she was going to scam it back, and she said "i guess" (No pictures, she was talking too fast. :( ) Here's another picture:
I think she's telling someone to flash her a blanket.
When I got back to my AJ tab, after typing the above, she said "Good job, you win my worn" to an arctic wolf (Note, the arctic wolf was one of the agents trying to get more info). I think she did trade a worn to her, because after I typed the last sentence, she was still there.
She said "I still give stuff to people even after I got scammed." Was she talking about the time when she faked being scammed? After that, she played Four Gem.
I think it was a bet, because the arctic wolf said "I just beat you."

Fang ignored her.

(That's the arctic wolf saying that)

Fang left when the arctic wolf tried to play Four Gem with her again. Then she came back..? She then betted with another player.

Fang went into a normal conversation. She said she had four backups, and claimed them to be her siblings' though. She said she was bringing her sister's account on. "hudah" is the backup.

She just said that she flash trades for fun.

She continued about the blanket flash/trust trade.
(Major is Northernking2013)

Then she was talking to one of the agents undercover about how Cerise (who she called shadow claw) "ruined her AJ life" by posting a video saying that she was scamming. Fangangel kept saying that no one trusted her (did she mean trust trade?) anymore even though she "never scammed." (SHE DOES SCAM THOUGH!!!! :/)

Then she left after ranting some more about "how terrible shadow claw is" and went to Aldan to go trading. I couldn't go because it was too full. :(

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