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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Important Message

Hello there, reader. If you have been following our blog for awhile, you  will know what the SWSRS is. If not, I recommend reading about it now. If yes, keep reading.
We have several backup accounts, sws0insurance, Cukiemunstur, and swsstorage. swsstorage has been suspended for 1 day because of unknown reasons, most likely because more than 1 person was controlling it, or that AJHQ thought that us accepting good trades for necklaces was scamming. We are done with this happening. AJHQ needs to know that we are SAVING their game. We are here to fight. So please, read the ENTIRE message below and fill out what needs to be filled, then send it to AJHQ. If enough people send it, hopefully things will get better.
Thank you.


Dear Animal Jam Headquarters,
I am reporting to you to inform you of a project in motion. This IS important, so listen closely. I am (username here). I come from a group called the SWS, or the Scam Watchers Society. We are a group of players who catch scammers and post them on our Blog that has over 8000 pageviews. We have joined forces with the SASS, RATH, and the FATE, the Secret Anti-Scamming Society, The Rise Against Hackers, and the Fight Against the Evil. The SWS has also initiated a program where we try to return scammed items back to victims. We play adventures VERY often to earn these items legitimately. One of our storage accounts, swsstorage, has been suspended for undisclosed reasons. We suspect it's because we offer scam victims the opportunity to receive the scammed item back for what appears as an unfair trade, and that's the only logical explanation, considering this account hasn't been touched in several weeks. But, we'd like to cut to the point. This message is being sent by every agent, and even some of the SWS fans, to ensure that you are aware of our existence, and we hope you acknowledge that work that we are doing. We are *Somewhat* popular, meeting fans at parties and having fans join us. Anyways, we hope you acknowledge our existence, and we look forward to speaking with you in the future.

(username here)

Originally written by Agent Zee, AKA zeekitty on Animal Jam

Edited by Agent Cerise, AKA ShadowclawXX on Animal Jam

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