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Monday, 21 July 2014

Hiya!+Scammer Alert

Hiya jammers! Name's Agent Moustache2! I'm a new author here, and I'm VERY thrilled to be writing and posting in this blog! Today, I will show you some VERY VERY.. bad news..


 As you can see above, the scammer we caught today is named nahom196. This is the story. I was looking around jamaa for some scammers. I saw nahom saying "my den if u want rare spike" I had a feeling that this was going to be a scam! So I went to his den. I saw 3 other jammers waiting for nahom. He told us that "best 7 second trade gets spike" Obviously this WAS A SCAM. I told the jammers that he had no PROOF that he had a rare spike. I told them to leave because it sounded and probably WAS a scam. So 2 of the jammers left. Nahom asked the last jammer to buddy him. I knew nahom was about to lock me out. And..
Yep! He did..

STATUS: UNKNOWN (1 might have gotten harmed)

Thanks for reading jammers! Stay Safe and Play Wild!
-Agent Moustache2

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