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Sunday, 13 July 2014

cupcakecloud/bridger11 (Non-member and member)

(No pictures, sorry! I found these guys while I was using my horrid laptop)

I was customizing my horse at the Mira statue when suddenly a crowd of people came in, followed by a bunny called cupcakecloud. Apparently, she/he was doing a rare viking helmet giveaway. Cupcake took the viking helmet off his/her trade and replaced it with a picket fence. He/she said 'trade me I don't say yes'. This is an obvious scam. The only person trading him/her was bridger11. And every time he traded, Cupcake declined. After everybody confronted them, Cupcake ran off and Bridger left as well, so we suspect they were either partners in scamming, or the same person.

Status: 1 Harmed


  1. I was there lol
    -Agent Shiver

  2. i am bridger11 and no i never scammed before and i don't know cupcakecloud she accepted yours i saw because she left so quickly so i tried to fallow her and get it back for you and she locked her den when she saw me so no i did not try to scam I was trying to help sorry if you thought I did.

  3. Maybe bridger11 was cupcakecloud's only victim?