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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Silverfox3 + Spiralfire (Non-member)


Silverfox3 was saying 'spiked collar giveaway at my den'. I went to her den to see what was going on. I immediately doubted she had a spiked collar when I looked at her achievements.

Not only that, but she had 2 necklaces on her trade list, the obvious formula for the 'best trade wins' scam. Spiralfire was hopping around the den with 2 necklaces and 2 spiked collars on his trade list. He was boasting that he was going to trust her both of his spiked collars.

Just as I suspected, when Silver came back, she told us to trust trade her. Spiral was the only one who was doing it, and I noticed something weird happen. The necklace disappeared off Silver's trade list, and the blue spiked collar disappeared off Spiral's, meaning he had given her the spiked collar.

Then, when everyone started confronting them and complaining that they were the same person, Spiral started saying that he never had a spiked collar, even though he had 2 on his trade list earlier.

And just as I suspected, she locked her den.

Side note: Silver locked her den a few times while she was getting people, and I noticed that Spiral wasn't one of the people being teleported out, proving that the 2 of them were buddies.

Status: Unknown

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