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Friday, 13 June 2014

Oopsiees (Non-member)

(Sorry I haven't been posting! We really haven't found many scammers lately, so there wasn't anything to post about!)

This guy was in Jamaa Township saying 'if you want free gazelle horns go to my den'. I checked her achievements, and from the looks of them, I suspected she didn't have gazelle horns.

When I went to her den, she did a few contests with us, such as guessing what her favorite color and animal was. After that, she put a rare worn blanket on trade, and did exactly what I suspected. She asked us to trade good and that the best would win the gazelle horns.

I tried to get a bit more info and flashed her my party hat. After that, she told me that flashes don't count, which proves her a scammer.

After that, I went to go do something else. When I came back, Animal Jam said 'the den you were in has been locked', which proved that she had done something in there.

Status: Unknown

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