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Monday, 9 June 2014

ladyisabella2 (Member)

When Agent Minty told me to go to this guy's den, I ran over there immediately. In the chat log, she was saying this (I enlarged it):

This is a scam, because why would we need to trade her when we could just say our offer? After a few trades, the necklace suddenly went off her trade list, meaning she had accepted the trade.

I went to her next giveaway and quickly evacuated everyone out and told them she had scammed someone at the last giveaway. They all left, and when Lady came back, she started playing innocent.
She did the scam several other times.

Status: 3+ Harmed


  1. I think we need to stop these scammers for the sake of the jammers.

  2. we need to stop scammers!!!!!!!
    ladyisabella is a HUGEEEE scammer! i hate her!!!!!!!!