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Monday, 2 June 2014

black1lightning (Member)

This guy was hosting a flash trade party at his den. When Agent Zee and I went to check it out, he apparently accepted one of the participants' flash trades, therefore scamming them. Once he scammed him, he locked his den.
We were locked out!
 After we talked to the guy who got scammed, we saw Black advertising for the flash trading party at his den again. But this time he was saying "I got rid of the scam".

I went to check it out again. I warned everyone about the guy who got scammed at the previously party. About 3 people left the party after, but some stayed and abused me of lying. When Black came back to his den and saw me telling them, he locked his den. Probably because he knew we were going to blow his cover.

Status: 1+ Harmed


  1. I was wondering, I have caught many scammers before, so I was wondering if I could have an interview, AJ USER: 132izzy

    1. Upload scammers here then link me it on our unidentified scammers page.