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Saturday, 3 May 2014

New Intro!

I had trouble getting the intro onto the blog, so I had to convert it into a GIF. It will just be laggy and have no music. If you want to see it without lag and with music, tell me. Feel free to post the GIF anywhere, so that people know you're one of us.


  1. Hello Agent Blue, it's Agent Beta (mz5963)
    This is a scam, Puppygirl3721, was dancing in Jamaa shouting out "I give 5 codes for 1 rare at my den!!". I went to investigate. She told us the so called "codes"- 12345, wolfsrock,membersrock, partytime, and behappy. I tried them all very quickly. Then I logged back on and went back to her den. I confronted her and told her the codes didn't work, so I wouldn't give her a rare. Then she locked her den and logged off. Also, Agent Blue, how can I give you the screen shots of the proof?

    1. Upload them here
      Then link me to where they are uploaded

    2. Apparently, the won't upload. Do you know of any other way?