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Monday, 5 May 2014

kittykittykiy (Non-member)

Kittykittykiy was a non-member wearing a purple bow and arrow. She had several rares on trade; A green Party Hat, an orange Gecko Plushie, a Nature Archway, and a Purple Rare Bow. She was saying, 'win items on my trade at my den'.

(Note the lack of achievements)

This seemed weird, so I went to check it out. Once she came back to her den, she took everything off her list and replaced it with necklaces.

Just as I suspected, she told us to trust trade her and that the best person that traded would win. Only one person, xwolfiepup1020x, had the guts to trade. Kittykittykiy got irritated at us not trusting her, and asked us if we wanted proof. She told xwolfiepup1020x to put something bad on trade, and once Wolfie did, she traded her something and Wolfie accepted (or did she?). She then put on a red glove in (possibly fake) excitement. It was probably what Kitty had traded her.

After she was "traded" the glove, she started telling everyone to trust her. But maybe Wolfie DIDN'T accept the trade. Maybe she already had the glove and was Kitty's partner in scamming, or main account. Watch out for these two.

Status: No One Harmed

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