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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fangangel + Sarapinky123 (Non-members)

This is a longer post.

One day, I was getting new scam watchers for the society. Fangangel came into the den, claiming that sarapinky123 had scammed her entire set of Phantom Armor. Major was in the den too, making smiley faces, as if to torment her. I buddied her and promised to get her phantom armor back.

I went scam watching, and Countess came with me. But wherever Countess went, Major was there too. It seemed strange, almost as if they were buddies. I tried to ignore it.

Weeks later, Countess jam-a-grammed me again, saying she got scammed. I went to where she was, and she was in an offline Jammer's den (not saying the username so that person doesn't get unwanted attention). Major (with a new outfit) was standing there. She told me that Major wasn't the one who scammed her, and that they were friends.

Of course, I didn't believe her. I tried to ignore it and hoped that Major had reformed. But he hadn't. I went to Countess's den weeks later and asked her what she heard about Major. She said that he had just scammed someone.

Weeks later, Agent Zee told me that Major was at Countess's den, and that she was apparently doing a giveaway for a grey party hat.

Apparently, Countess wasn't that innocent Jammer that we thought she was. She had a necklace on trade, and I heard her saying "ICE ARCHWAY IN LEAD". This must've meant she was making them trade their offers. And that was what scammers did. When she noticed Agent Zee and I were there, she panicked and told us it wasn't what we thought.

After I confronted her and told everyone what happened, she locked her den. Major was one of the people who wasn't forced out of the den, proving that the two of them were buddies all along.

Afterward, she unbuddied us both and locked her den on us. The two of them were partners in scamming all along. Watch out for these two, they are on very often!

Status: Several Harmed

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  1. Ah, the first encounter with fangangel. The society had no idea what it was getting into...