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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Chuey11 (Member)

Chuey11 was hopping in Jamaa Township, saying 'gift me something really good and you win my headdress'! This is a scam, because if she was going to give you the headdress, she would just trade.

Occasionally, she would say '______ in lead!' to tell people what item was the best so far. Everyone was whining, asking for their items back because they were not in the lead.

At the end, she announced that the winner was Turquoisegemstone. Turquoise was really happy to have won, and asked her to send it. 

After Chuey11 claimed to have sent the headdress, it appeared it hadn't disappeared off her animal. This meant she hadn't sent it. She ran off.

Turquoise was claiming that Chuey11 hadn't sent the headdress, but instead she had sent a cactus.

Status: 5+ Harmed

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