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Saturday, 3 May 2014

agkittycatlover9000 (Member)

This was an interesting process. I found a yellow and pink bunny, 
New Jammer, was dancing in Jamaa Township, saying 'win rares at my den'. This seemed weird, so I went to check it out.

I noticed that they had one achievement and a necklace on trade. I could already see where this was going. When they came back to their den, they said 'trade me I decline and best trade wins rare'.

I asked them what the rare was and asked them to put it on trade as proof that they had one. They simply said 'it's a secret'. I argued back with 'but I want to know what rare I'm getting'. They didn't answer, as if my chat hadn't showed up.

[No Photo Available :'(]

I asked them how they got the rares, and they said they had another account, and that as proof they brought into their den. I started arguing for the next 30 minutes, threatening to make a post if they didn't give the rares another way. The argument took some weird turns and they started insulting me about stuff, like my age and where I lived (You can also report them for bullying). 

Status: No One Harmed


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  2. hi... I am agkittycatlover9000, and I don't scam. yes I know I might of scammed ONCE before, but I can tell you I don't anymore. I EARN my items. I don't scam. can you please erase this not true things off this site?

    1. This is staying up, but I hope you're telling the truth.