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Sunday, 20 April 2014

1006cutekitten (Member)

1006cutekitten was dancing in Jamaa Township with a necklace on trade. She was saying 'trade me good and I give you arctic wolf code'. I knew that the arctic wolf codes only worked once and that this was a scam. Somebody traded her a rare item monday, and she accepted. Then she said 'the code is..' then she typed random letters and numbers into the keyboard and ran off.

 Here I found her again in Crystal Sands an hour later, doing the same scam but with a diamond code. She ran away as soon as she saw me.

Status: 1 Harmed


  1. Ps she is my buddy and she was mean to my BFF saying " you can't have your clan anymore"

  2. Umm. She said you photo shopped her

    1. Well of course she did. Did you expect her to openly admit she scammed? I don't even have PhotoShop, and even if I did, I probably wouldn't have the skill to do it.
      I wouldn't dare accuse random people of scamming if I didn't have solid evidence they were attempting it.

    2. hello I am her Best friend she told me she quit scamming long ago a few months after this was taken i was her partner in scamming once but as soon as I found it was bad to do so ( I was only like 8 Cmon ) I immediately Stopped Scamming with her, But she still scammed until a few months later her black long was hacked a long with other stuff, she said it felt horrid after that i haven't seen her scamming ever since.