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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Calamity Corner - tuffy77 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a bully and presumed scammer. I caught them trying to scam, but didn't get pictures, so I won't call them out on that.
Anyways, a little backstory. I found this girl who was advertising for scamming victims to go to her den. It sounded a little fishy, so I went to her den and tuffy77 was the only other person there. She started claiming she had been scammed of 3 spikes, and the den owner actually believed her and started saying she would get them back. We tried to run a program where we retrieved scammed items, so I know this doesn't work, so I immediately intervened.
I told the den owner that she can't just believe anyone who claims they got scammed, and she started saying that she was "helping" tuffy. I then explained to her that helping doesn't necessarily equal doing the right thing (if you help a serial killer hide the body of their victim, are you doing the right thing, or are you apart of the problem?), and she started getting angry at me. Tuffy then proceeded to start roleplaying some rather morbid and obscene situations in which she apparently grabbed a knife and ripped my head off, and she then invited some buddies of hers in to lie in her defence.

One of here buddies, 24ducks17, even made a wonderful cameo as a part of their insult fest, so please take some time while you're reporting tuffy to also report another contender, 24ducks17.

Report tuffy77 and 24ducks17 for bullying, and maybe scamming if you really want to for tuffy, but I have no evidence of that.


  1. Ok so basically the ajsws is horrible bc if the scammers scam and u like say they are *fizzy drink* whatever u are bullying which is illegal and u will be arrested and stuff like that and also my mommy works for ajhq and my dad like, owns nat geo wild so you will be banned

    1. 1. No. We generally don't swear at people who scam, that is not appropriate action by our standards in the average case.
      2. "u are bullying which is illegal"
      If what we're doing is considered "bullying", what are the people we post doing?
      3. "my mommy works for ajhq"
      brb trying to catch my breath, laughing too hard
      4, "my dad like, owns nat geo"
      I would be glad if he actually did, which, I can say 100% without a shadow of a doubt he doesn't, because then if he banned my account, I could be done with this god awful cancerous game.


  3. i want you to take this site down and how did i bully?

    1. We're not taking down this entire site that we've worked on for years because one person that got posted asks us to.
      If you're wondering how you were bullying (I would more so consider it raw inappropriate behaviour), read the post over again.

  4. i did get scammed and when i saw this i cryed and i did read it over

  5. i didnt scam anyone i didnt ask the person for any item yet i did get scammed and idc if you belive me but i dont want to know for scamming and i dont like how you posted this and yes i did say that stuff but it was just for a joke thnx

    --Tuffy 77 Aj

    1. 1. I didn't say you scammed anyone.
      2. If this was meant as a joke, I don't think anyone found it very funny, especially considering the manner you said it in.
      3. Most people who have their heads on straight don't think that viciously calling someone a dump and acting out a scene where you grab a knife and rip their head off is funny.